Lamb Rashers a first for Australian consumers

Lamb Rashers

If you love lamb and you cured meats, then we know that you’ll love our Lamb Rashers. As the name suggests it’s Lamb thats been smoked and cured and turn into rashers. There are many types of rashers throughout the world and now we have our very own Aussie Lamb Rashers.

Our Artisan method uses a dry salt cure and wood smoke just like a traditional pork rashers. It has a similar appearance to a streaky rashers and can be used in recipes as a replacement for rashers or prosciutto or to add a modern twist to a new idea.

We love how it always finishes with a lovely crispy crunch when it is cooked. It really is the best of Lamb and the best of Rashers.

We have spent months refining the traditional techniques of salting, smoking and curing  so that every mouthful celebrates the lamb flavour and texture while maintaining all of the delicious smoky flavour that we love.

Using natural flavours, sourced predominantly from Australia, each release is hand crafted by our chief flavologist. We’re certain that you won’t find an identical flavour anywhere else.

In 2016 our Lamb Rashers releases included a variety of hand crafted flavours including Lamb Rashers™ Maple, Lamb Rashers™ Sriracha, Lamb Rashers™ Lemon & Pepper, Lamb Rashers™ Starward Whiskey & Spiced Apple. However we will never tire from the original Lamb Rashers™ Murray River Salt, Wood Smoked release.


If you live in Melbourne Metro, Sunbury, Macedon Ranges or central Victoria you can order online and we will home deliver  Deliveries are on Fridays.


You’ll find our LambRashers™ on menus, in restuarants with creative chefs who pride themselves on unique dishes and in cafes which celebrate regional produce and craftsmanship.

You can buy Australian Lamb Rashers in reputable Victorian provedore stores and boutique butchers Lamb Rashers Stockists If you are interested in stocking LambRashers™ please visit our wholesale page

Please enjoy the new rashers,  Australian Lamb Rashers.  Here are some recipe ideas to get you started

The Australian Lamb Rashers Story

It all began with a Farmer and a Cook, who met through a mutual friend.

The farmer, Toni Barton, breeds Australian White Wagyu Lamb, some 80km north of Melbourne. Toni’s farm has provided excellent quality produce to her growing customer base for nearly 4 years.

The cook, Jon Bell, having lived in Australia for 14 years after moving here to play baseball from America, is a member of the Full Metal Kettle BBQ Comp team. Jon knows nothing better than flavour combinations and smoking techniques that have broken the mould of traditional flavours.

Toni launched lamb rashers with her Australian White Lamb and with Jon’s  flavour profiles. Demand continued to grow and today they sell to customers, restaurants and retail outlets.

Lamb Rashers Recipes & Cooking Guide

For the experienced chefs and adventurous cooks you are only limited by your imagination for ways to include Lamb Rashers in your next dish, your guests will be impressed that you have sourced such a unique product.  And we can assure you, that they’ve probably never tried it before.

We have a library of our best lamb rashers recipes to give you some inspiration.

Please visit our online store where you can buy lamb rashers, or find a premium restaurant or boutique cafe on our where to try page. We are regularly adding more distributors to our list so check our where to buy page to keep up to date with new stockists.

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